Ibadah, Reflections


BISMILLAH-IR-RAHMAN-IR-RAHIM This is an overdue post. It has been sitting in my word document for a long time πŸ™ˆ I enjoyed writing it and I pray you benefit from it!β™₯️ Alhamdulillah for being a Muslim. I believe we have it easy with identifying our life’s purpose for Allah ο·» tells us in the Qur’an. Allah… Continue reading FULFILLING LIFE’S PURPOSE


A promise from Allah

A promise from Allah: giving up something for His sake! The Prophet, ο·Ί said, β€œVerily, you will never leave anything for the sake of Allah Almighty but that Allah will replace it with something better.” (Ahmad) This is a guaranteed promise πŸ’« from Allah! Give up something for the sake of Allah ο·» sincerely and… Continue reading A promise from Allah