*#1 Action Plan: Take Account of YOUR Current State.

1 Shaban 1442

Why should you take account of your current state?

We should aim to be better after every Ramadan in our lives, as it comes to purify us. Cleanse us. And make us conscious of our relationship with Allah ﷻ. We should use it as an opportunity to review our lives and measure whether we have improved in an aspect of the deen as we grow.

Think realistically on how Ramadan is benefitting you, rather than how you are only acting in that month!

Be sincere and truthful to Almighty Allah ﷻand yourself as you write. You do not have to share your exercise with anyone, know that Allah sees it and that is enough!

So, lets dive in

– Take a moment to write down habits you have developed from previous Ramadan. Write “Habits I have developed from last year’s Ramadan”

Write down areas that you have improved on since last year Ramadan.


  • Started praying on time
  • Recite Qur’an often
  • Engage in Tahajjud
  • Practiced seeking istigfar (forgiveness)
  • Increased in Dhikr
  • Sought out Islamic Knowledge etc

– Thereafter, write things you have neglected from last year’s Ramadan. “Habits I neglected from last year’s Ramadan” By this I mean things you planned to do consistently but you know you faltered and have not kept up with it post-Ramadan of last year.


  • Unable to fast nawafil fast
  • Inconsistency with Tahajjud

Fill in the blank for yourself, by taking account of yourself. (it is very personal and make sure it reflects YOU)

The purpose of this exercise is for you to see how well you have improved and changed from last year Ramadan to this year. This brings the gratitude spirit in us because you are able to see how Almighty Allah has changed your life. We cannot count Allah’s favour on us.

On the other hand, we see where we need to improve and consciously take action to work on them.

*They are in no particular order of importance.

Till next Thursday Fi Ammanillah!

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