*#8 Action Plan: Social Media Fast.


25 Shaban 1442

Social Media fast. Yes! You heard that right! We all need a break from social media. Reduce the time you spend on it.

Fasting is not purely abstaining from what you eat. It encompass what you see. What you hear. Etc.

You don’t have full control of what you see on social media as some content just pops up. You however have control of how you use it, who you follow, how much time you spend on it. Social media feeds us, ever wonder why it’s called a feed? For example: There might be a song with lyrics that aren’t fit for fasting ears or pictures of people that show a lot of nudity you don’t know what you’re going to come in contact with. Fasting is a shield the more you see or hear things aren’t supposed to be more your shield is weakened. The little things that we see and hear can poison our hearts and reduce the reward for fasting.

We here at Thoughts and Reflections will be taking a break from social media during the Month of Ramadan.

Some people may not be able to take a full break but try to reduce your time on social media. If possible, come on it when it is absolutely necessary during Ramadan. You can put your phone on airplane mode for a while to avoid distractions.

Spend time rectifying yourself. Listening to the words of Allah ﷻ. Use this Ramadan as a moment to look inward, to self-reflect and identify what you need to rectify in yourself.

You may be wondering how to stay updated with Islamic Knowledge. Consider downloading apps you can use in your time to gain beneficial knowledge without using the internet.


Download Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Download Riyadh As-Saliheen and other Hadith apps

Download Fortress of the Muslim

Priority is everything, this month is one for us to prioritise our Ibadah. It is a special month, and it calls for special effort! It is a time to level up so we should aim to be better and take active steps to work towards it. Prioritise the main Ibadah and fulfil other’s right upon you. May Almighty Allah ﷻ aid us and make the actions we have learnt beneficial for us. Make it easy to incorporate them in our lives. Ameen

It is a SPECIAL MONTH. And it calls for Special EFFORT! It is a time to level up so we should aim to be better incorporating active steps to achieve it.

I pray Almighty Allah ﷻ blesses you for making it this far. I pray this year’s Ramadan is your best one yet. Together we will enter Ramadan Strong because we have prepared for it sincerely hoping and longing for the reward from Allah ﷻ. 

*They are in no particular order of importance.

Till next time Fi Ammanillah!

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