Being content and pleased with what Allah Decreed is from the fruits of knowing (thamart-al-ma’rifa) the Lord because when you know Him you will be pleased and content (rida’) with what He Decreed (qada’). The bitterness of some of what He foreordained will be tasted by the contented, whereas the one who knows his Lord will experience less bitterness because the sweetness of this knowledge (halawa al-ma’rifa) is too strong. And, if the knower advances in this knowledge to reach the level of love (mahabba), bitterness (mur’ra) of fate transforms into sweetness (halawa).

Book: Captured Thoughts | By | By al-Hāfiz Abū’l-Faraj ibn al-Jawzī | Translated and Published by | Dār as-Sunnah Publishers | P. 246.