Azeezat P

Azeezat has a passion for Islam as her religion and a way of life. She’s an optimistic and positive person who is open to new opportunities and enjoys trying out new things. She also enjoys volunteering and helping people within her capacity.

Interests: writing, reading, being active, and cooking.

Fun fact: DIY lover

I also run a personal blog: INSIGHTS with A

A quote from me: ‘We are different we want different things’.

Connect with me on Instagram @azeezatpt and Twitter @azeezatpt

Abdulazeez P

Abdulazeez is an avid lover of books, he has a notion that his glass is always half full.
He admires Shaykh Bin Baz رحمه الله and Sheikh Sulayman Ar-ruhayli حفظه الله.

Maryam M

Maryam enjoys spending her time in worship. She loves dhikr and everything to do with spirituality. she enjoins being in the midst of people who remind her of Allah azza wajal and people who are generally more knowledgeable than she is.

Maryam studied biomedical science in her undergraduate degree but everything she’s currently doing has nothing to do with it. She’s learning that life is a school you attend everyday.

Toyyib E

Toyyib has strong interest in the deen. He is an ardent volunteer who has a zeal for knowledge and loves taking risks.
He is people-oriented with communication, problem solving and leadership skills.

Interest: Speaking, design and surfing the net

Quote: Everything in life is a gradual process