Ramadan Prep 1442: A series on Action Plan.

BISMILLAH-IR-RAHMAN-IR-RAHIM 5 months ago I wrote about RAMADAN PREP because the Sahabas used to prepare for this auspicious month 6 month in advance. Shaban is upon us (In Islam the day starts after Magrib) which gives us roughly 29/30 days to Ramadan. How well have we prepared? Many people are learning about the merits of… Continue reading Ramadan Prep 1442: A series on Action Plan.

Allah Loves, Ibadah

RAMADAN PREP 1442/2021

BISMILLAH-IR-RAHMAN-IR-RAHIM Ramadan is an important month in the Islamic calendar. It is a month of mandatory fasting β€œFasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain taqwaa.” (Quran, 2:183) Fasting in this month is one of the articles of Islam. The Reward for Ramadan is unknown to… Continue reading RAMADAN PREP 1442/2021